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   Haruyuki Suzuki was born in 1962 in Tokyo. He was awarded 16th Irino Prize in 1995. In the same year his first solo CD "Systematic Metal" was released and the second "KATARIMONO" and the third "Electronic Works vol.1" in 2008. In September 2005 he was invited to Gaudeams Music Week in Amsterdam and his commissioned new piece was performed by Orkest de Volharding. In 2006, participated in Santamaria Nuova Festival in Italy and his new piece was performed by Roberto Fabbriciani and Maurizio Barbetti, in 2010“Experimental Intermedia”in New York and he played his electronic music by himself. His music is performed and broadcast in many countries. And he often collaborates with many kind of artists, theaters, movies, etc.
Haruyuki Suzuki
Hideki Kozakura
    Hideki Kozakura, born in Japan, leads a professional life as a pianist as well as a composer. Having graduated with both Bachelor and Master degrees from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, he studied for a year with Tristan Murail in New York under the Japanese Government Overseas Programme. He received his second Masters degree in composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. In 1997 Hideki won first place in the Takemitsu Composition Competition. Since then, his pieces have been performed in many parts of Japan, Europe, and North America. Other accomplishments include the Japan Symphonic Prize, Nagoya Cultural Promotional Prize, scholarships and a research grant from the Nomura-Foundation, as well as the Agency for Cultural Affairs Performing Arts Prize, the Berlin Culture and Science Prize, and several piano competitions in Japan.